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When & Where

When & Where

welcome to our lush and moody



Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.
— Anaïs Nin

Come and be loved on while we unpack our tools and talismans, build our altars, and get to work creating, mapping, making, crafting, collecting, giving, and being in this small and intimate gathering in the lush landscape of Sonoma, California.

We want to examine and unravel the obscure and ordinary dialects of Makers, Dreamers, Writers, Activists, Poets, Naturalists, and Photographers while honing our literacy for vivid magic and unhurried mystery. We want to explore, study, and investigate the constellations of, and intersections among (and within ourselves) our writing, aesthetics, handcrafting, ideologies, mythologies, imagery, poetry and nature.



Jennette and Alisha hold space with warmth and integrity. Fever Dreams was a restorative and nourishing retreat. Can’t recommend highly enough! - Hilde



There are intended side effects:
•The poignant and humble production of a communal and individual body of work
•Multiplicitous breathtaking actions and reactions
•The sensuousness of dynamic and unpretentious prose and production
•Reverent but casual sacredness scouting
•Circles of intimacy, webs of synchronicity, and illuminations of transformation


Our Fever Dreams Collective retreat is part nourishment: an intimate maker’s and writer’s communal gathering of kindreds. It’s part sleepaway camp and part artist’s residency.

We longingly wish to spend sun-drenched mornings with you creating a small—but dreamy—body of collaborative and individual art, then sink into honey-coated afternoons as makers, artists, and vagabonds as we craft and create and roam.




starting at $1896


The Fever Dreams Collective Gathering is an intimate retreat reserved for only 15 women. We have reserved 5 cabins each equipped with 2 twin beds and 1 double bed. Please note that we are sold out. Use the above form to join our mailing list for updates on open spots and upcoming Fever Dreams Collective Gatherings. Your investment of $1896/$1998* includes your 4-night cabin stay, 10 farm-to-table meals, and the deep dive into creation with Jennette and Alisha under the starry skies in The Valley of the Moon. 

A portion of our proceeds will go towards a local foundation or organization that supports the people of Sonoma County. 

*We want you here. Like, really, really. Payment plans are available. 1/3 of your registration fee is required upon registration to secure your space with two additional payments to be paid in an installment plan. Please email us if you'd like a payment plan, or if you have another creative option email us at feverdreamscollective@gmail.com. We will try our best to make this a possibility for you. Payment is via Paypal, however checks and money orders are encouraged for an additional reduction in fee.



Each morning, afternoon, and evening, Alisha and Jennette will offer simple rituals, creative collaborations, guided projects, and discussions interspersed with time to just be, wander, dream, and relax. Our experience together will be sprinkled with gifts, talismans, and tools—heart offerings from us to you.

For your investment, we are grateful and eager to share with you 4 nights in the Valley of the Moon on this old family-owned homestead. The serene and peaceful Westerbeke Ranch rests on 11 acres in the lush and rolling vineyard-laden foothills of Sonoma, California.

Inviting walking paths curve through native and organic gardens to the historic cabins, studio and gathering spaces, and a mission-style adobe dining room that overlooks the swimming pool and hot tub—all under the umbrella of a heritage oak grove.

A labyrinth, river rock fireplace, orange trees, trails, fountains, benches, views, and access to therapeutic massage await us on this charming and peaceful property.

There are cozy and sweet summer camp-style cabins in the woods with shared rooms, boasting delightful and comfortable beds and private bathrooms. We have reserved a handful of rooms, each one comfortably sleeps 3 people, and we will do our best to match nightly routines and practices to ensure as much rest as possible. They truly are the most perfect bungalows to lounge, rest, unplug, relax, dream and remember yourself.

We will be spoiled by the highest caliber cooks with 10 gourmet, nonpareil, fresh, local, delicious, nutritious, sustainable, and hand-made meals, taken together, among ourselves and with other guests on the ranch, in a spirit of community and gathering with kindreds. Westerbeke is known for its mouth watering and exquisite cuisine, full of amazing flavors. Guests often share that the hardest part about going home is leaving the food.

 Let your gaze take in our gorgeous and lovely “luxury rustic” accommodations.



Words cannot describe the incredibly beautiful and extraordinary experience I had at Fever Dreams Collective. It was magic in ways I am still unraveling, and was deeply healing and nourishing for me in ways I may never fully understand. I can say with absolute sincerity, that this experience has changed my life, in the best possible way. I met and got to share time and space with the most incredible, kind, warm, welcoming, down to earth, funny, wise, tender, vulnerable open minded and hearted women I've ever met at any retreat, and that was a gift beyond measure! Alisha and Jenette have created something truly extraordinary in the Fever Dreams Collective, and I could not possibly recommend it any more highly! - Sunni





Westerbeke Ranch is about an hour's drive north of San Francisco. We will all connect online before we meet up to coordinate rideshare, car rentals, etc. Directions will be provided.

A small supply list will be emailed to you  well before we gather, as well as any pre-trip notes, additional cabin information, and guidelines.

Westerbeke can cater to all food sensitivities. Just let us know what you need upon registering.

Tea, coffee, and cocoa service will be offered daily. The on-site Cantina offers snacks, beer, wine and other sundry items for purchase on the honor system.

*Airfare, travel expenses, some personal supplies and optional extra curricular activity fees such as trips to the farmer's market, winery tastings, or flea market excursions are not included.

Please click this link to view our refund and cancellation policy.


You Belong Here.

You belong here if you are contradictory and complex, lush and moody, difficult to control.

You belong here if regaining your ability to fantasize and daydream are desired and your sensual self is claiming ground.

You belong here if you have either recollections and cynicism, or blank slates and vitality.

You belong here if you are a force—all crashing thunder and bolt lightening, or if you are soft, like the shimmer of golden hour violets in spring. Or if you’re both.

You belong here if you are alone, or bewildered, or if you are hell-bent and marveling.

You belong here if you are an edge rider, if you like intersections, crossroads and juxtaposition, provocative constellations.

You belong here if you are seduced by the slow burn of make-to-mend, the diaphanous dreamy trail home, the way back in.

You belong here if you want to practice new creative skills and collaborative techniques while swapping juicy stories and trading bright ideas.

You belong here if you like impromptu dance parties, if salty tears and gut-busting laughter don't bother you, and porch sitting, listening to bird language and watching the breeze tumble through the flowers turns you on.



I've been to a lot of retreats but this was my first one where creativity was the focus. As a person working to recover my creativity, I was inspired and broken open by the care, loving energy and gentle leadership of Alisha and Jennette. There was no competition or pressure to perform - just support and sisterhood. I left transformed and ready to create again. I'm so grateful to have been a part of the Fever Dreams Collective. -- Libby Nelson, www.libbynelsoncoaching.com


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Your Guides

Your Guides

Jennette & Alisha

Jennette & Alisha



Woodland Witch, Wild Seeker, Sacred Gatherer. 




Deep Listener, Light Seeker, Story Collector.


come and gather 2.0.jpg





I was drawn to attending Fever Dreams Collective because it seemed
both approachable and adventurous. Alisha and Jennette were wonderful
teachers who helped guide us with writing and creative activities
regardless of our varying levels of self-perceived skills. If you
don’t know how to use Mod Podge or dye fabric using natural
ingredients, that’s okay! We learned so much about ourselves through
writing, through art, through simply the gathering in a circle with
other women. I look forward to the next time we meet at
Fever Dreams Collective. - Melissa



We longingly wish to spend sun-drenched mornings with you creating a small—but dreamy—body of collaborative and individual art, then sink into honey-coated afternoons as makers, artists, and vagabonds as we craft and create and roam. We invite you to join our mailing list to learn more about the 2019 Fever Dreams Collective Retreat. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch.